Turn on the news today and there is always a human interest story of acts of kindness imaginable throughout America. Annually, the Orion District holds their Recognition Banquet (February 4th, 2023) for their most recent Eagle Scouts (of 2022) and the adults who volunteered their time to its youth in the Scouts BSA program, whose life skills are instilled by the values of the Scout Oath and Law. The Adult Awards are presented to the Scouts BSA registered volunteers in our communities, those whose acts of kindness has affected the youth of today who will become the adults of tomorrow.

* * *   O R I O N  D I S T R I C T  A D U L T  A W A R D S   F O R  2 0 2 2    * *

Please go to the Orion District website: orion-bsa.org and make a selection under “NOMINATIONS” at the far right corner for “District Award of Merit Nomination” or “Adult Award Nomination”.

So please …

·         Orion District has many deserving AND OUTSTANDING adult leadership, so it’s Important to submit a nomination. How else will the committee know?

·         The Orion’s Belt District Adult award comes from your unit not the District. This award allows the District to bring distinction to an adult leader in your unit to be recognized outside of your unit by others in the district. EVERY Unit should submit a nomination for this award.

·         If you have nominated someone in the past and they were not selected that year, please nominate them again (previous years nominations are not carried over).

·         Nominee should not be aware of your nomination to avoid any disappointment. 

— — —  D E A D L I N E:  D E C E M B E R  3 1 st, 2 0 2 2 — — —

 ·         Orion District Adult Awards to choose from: (please see nomination entry forms or hard copy)

1.    Pyxis – No longer has a child in the Scouts BSA program

2.    Phoenix – Single parent

3.    Ursa Minor – Cub Scout Leader

4.    Ursa Major – Troop, Crew, or Ship Leader

5.    Sagittarius and Sagitta – husband and wife registered leaders

6.    Hercules – Scouting efforts cross over all the programs including Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Crew, and/or Ship.

7.    Milky Way – everyone in household involved in Scouting.

8.    Orion’s Belt – each unit submits one deserving leader.


·         District Award of Merit – Adult Scouts who render service of an outstanding nature for the Orion District.

Please note: By submitting a nomination entry at the Orion District website orion-bsa.org, a copy of the entry will be sent to the email entered. This is for your records. Also, please find attached a hard copy of both Adult Award selections information.

Thank you for being a part of the Scouting Spirit,

Fran Zaccaria, 2022 Adult Awards Chair for Orion District

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