District Committee

Key 3 Members
District Chair Dr. Lynne Cox oriondistrictchair@gmail.com
District Commissioner Brandon Johnson oriondistrictcommissioner@gmail.com
District Executive Brea Baygents brea.baygents@scouting.org
District Administration Staff
Vice Chair – Administration Bruce White bruce@bsjma.com
Advancement Chair Kyle deBlonk orionadvancements@gmail.com
Merit Badge Coordinator Christina Cunningham orionmeritbadgecoordinator@gmail.com
BSA Youth Awards Open
Merit Badge College Open
Social Media Kristi Brinkerhoff kristibrinkerhoff7@gmail.com
Website Maintenance Chris Blocher chris.blocher@rocketmail.com
Readable Ryan Meldrum orion42adc@gmail.com
Technology Support Kevin Hollenshead kevin@hollenshead.org
Finance/Fundraising Chair Open
Popcorn Kernel Joe Macy joe.macy@gmail.com
Popcorn Assistant Dayna Holmes daynaholmes@gmail.com
Popcorn Social Media Kristi Brinkerhoff kristibrinkerhoff77@gmail.com
Friends of Scouting (FOS) Open
Scout Savers Kasey Mumbru kasey.mumbru@gmail.com
OA Chapter Advisors Dustin Holmes texred1@gmail.com
Jerry Simmons jsimmons@quixnet.net
District Membership & Activities Staff
Vice Chair – Membership & Activities Yoli Johnson yjohnson1990@yahoo.com
Membership Chair Ken Masters Ken.masters.orion42.bsa@gmail.com
Cub Scout Lead Open
AOL to Scouts BSA Margaret Canizares msn5560@hotmail.com
Scouts BSA Lead Open
Venturing Lead Wayne Haythorn wphaythorn@gmail.com
Explorer Lead Open
Activities Chair Open
Scouting For Food Ara Minassian ara@starrealty.us
Dayna Holmes daynaholmes@gmail.com
Kristi Brinkerhoff kristibrinkerhoff77@gmail.com
Scout Sunday Katie Rudolph kbosse1@hotmail.com
Desiree Vick pd.jansob@gmail.com
District Dinner Desiree Vick pd.jansob@gmail.com
Katie Rudolph kbosse1@hotmail.com
Sharmila Chatulani shamu3@gmail.com
Outdoor Programs Staff
Vice Chair – Outdoor Programs Gary Utrup garyutrup@gmail.com
Outdoor Program Chair Tony White tonywhite2010@verizon.net
Steve Kral steve.kral@yahoo.com
Cub Scout Day Camp Rick Watson rickwatsontx@outlook.com
Julie Watson jlbwarson62@gmail.com
Fall Family Fun Day Jason Kitchen kitchenj@lisd.net
Camporee Peter Rabner peterrabner@hotmail.com
Webelos Woods Marty Rice martinrice99@gmail.com
Chris Young fourblackplumes@gmail.com
Training & Awards Staff
Vice Chair – Training & Awards Fran Zaccaria franzaccaria@yahoo.com
District Awards Chair Fran Zaccaria franzaccaria@yahoo.com
Training Chair Carolyn Mayo carolynmayo60@gmail.com
Cub Scout Training Lead Cody Johnson lejohnsonfamily@gmail.com
Scouts BSA Training Lead Mark Lampe marklampetx@gmail.com
Venturing Training Lead Dan Robinson pigroast2000@yahoo.com

District Commissioners

District Commissioner
District Commissioner Brandon Johnson oriondistrictcommissioner@gmail.com
Assistant District Commissioners
Assistant District Commissioner Chris Blocher chris.blocher@rocketmail.com
Assistant District Commissioner John Hearrell jhearrell@nase.org
Assistant District Commissioner Brad Korber bkorber@gmail.com
Roundtable Commissioners
Roundtable Commissioner Toni Atwell toniatwell@verizon.net
Roundtable Commissioner Gabe Canizares msn5560@hotmail.com
Unit Commissioners
Unit Commissioner April Borge aborge54@verizon.net
Unit Commissioner Margaret Canizares msn5560@hotmail.com
Unit Commissioner John Cuccaro johncuccaro@yahoo.com
Unit Commissioner Ashley Frost afrost619@gmail.com
Unit Commissioner Stephen Greenwade sdg79ag@aol.com
Unit Commissioner Bob Hammers rdhammers@yahoo.com
Unit Commissioner John Hearrell jhearrell@nase.org
Unit Commissioner Ryan Meldrum orion42adc@gmail.com
Unit Commissioner Rob Rawson rbr2161@gmail.com
Unit Commissioner Cindy Thompson popcornwench@aol.com
Unit Commissioner Jeff Thompson jthomp1970@gmail.com
Unit Commissioner Rick Watson rickwatsontx@outlook.com
Unit Commissioner Fran Zaccaria franzaccaria@yahoo.com