This award is presented to Scout leaders active in the District who have given distinguished service to youth in and out of Scouting. This is the highest award given to Scouters at the District level. The Award of Merit is a council award presented by districts in the same manner as the Silver Beaver, a national award presented by councils. The award is available to Scout Leaders who render service of an outstanding nature at the District level. A nominee must be a registered Scout leader within the District that renders service of an outstanding nature at the District level.

2022Mike HendersonTroop 9168B / Troop 9168G / Crew 9168Orion
2022Brad KorberTroop 437Orion
2021Dustin HolmesTroop 281Orion
2021Paul HergertTroop 262 Orion
2021Ernest LevertTroop 822 Orion
2020Pete RabnerTonkawa
2020Chris BlocherTroop 9168B / Troop 9168G / Crew 9168Tonkawa
2020Dr. Lynne CoxTroop 265 / Troop 2GTopsanah
2020Jerry MistrotTroop 262 Topsanah
2019Lewis Gonzalez, Jr.Troop 437 Tonkawa
2019Joe MacyTroop 281 Tonkawa
2019Bryan CorserTroop 1171Topsanah
2019Bruce WhiteTroop 265Topsanah
2018April BorgePack 62Tonkawa
2018Larry FleitmanTroop 437Tonkawa
2018Rudy KammanTroop 226Tonkawa
2018Lisa TittleTroop 280Topsanah
2018Steven KidwellTroop 265Topsanah
2017Jeff ThompsonTroop 9168Tonkawa
2017Sam FleitmanTroop 45Tonkawa
2017Jason KitchenTroop 9168Tonkawa
2017Rick WatsonTroop 256Topsanah
2017Keith BarnesTroop 280Topsanah
2016Scott MoffittTroop 437Tonkawa
2016Marty RiceTroop 437Tonkawa
2016Wayne HaythornTroop 114Tonkawa
2016Andy JamesTroop 265Topsanah
2016Dan RobinsonTroop 424 / Crew 424Topsanah
2015Cindy ThompsonTroop 226Tonkawa
2015Carole SteagallPack 262Topsanah
2015Jerry SimmonsTroop 280Topsanah
2014John PinchotTroop 1001Tonkawa
2014Greg CrowTonkawa
2014Bill GoughTroop 281Tonkawa
2014Jim MollTroop 709Topsanah
2014Traci PowellTroop 424Topsanah
2013John CuccaroTroop 437Tonkawa
2013Aaron KippTonkawa
2013Mark GmitroTroop 709Topsanah
2013John DeBellevueTroop 1171Topsanah
2012Kevin HollensheadPack 3040Topsanah
2012Carey TurnerPack 1225 / Troop 256Topsanah
2011David GoodnightTroop 191Topsanah
2011Don WinnTroop 280Topsanah
2010Doris ProctorTroop 191Topsanah
2010Kenny RogersTroop 709Topsanah
2009Pete LeonardTonkawa
2009Sam WashburnTonkawa
2009Aaron GrahamTonkawa
2009Arturo CanizaresTopsanah
2009Norm CramerTopsanah
2008Mary Beth PinkertonTonkawa
2008Gary RiddingTonkawa
2008Gary UtrupTroop 9168Tonkawa
2008Craig TorrenceTopsanah
2008Wayne MortonTroop 114Topsanah
2007Jan PaulsonTonkawa
2007Joe TaylorTonkawa
2007Jeremy StephensTonkawa
2007Mike OlsenTonkawa
2007Cindy PurvisTopsanah
2007Don PoerTopsanah
2006Ben StahmanTonkawa
2006Mark BrewnerTonkawa
2006Nancy BarnesTonkawa
2006Kevin NygaardTopsanah
2006Harry DinsmoreTopsanah
2005Deborah HamiltonTonkawa
2005Shawn GriffithTopsanah
2005Charles FiedlerTopsanah
2004Eric FosterTonkawa
2004Greg AndersonTroop 2Topsanah
2004Dan LemkeTroop 280Topsanah
2003Rusty CagelTonkawa
2000David AdamsTonkawa
1989Fran ZaccariaTrailblazer
?Bruce WebbTonkawa
?Elizabeth SteppTonkawa
?Charlie FairallPack 437 / Troop 437 / Crew 437Tonkawa
?Sam RathburnTonkawa
?Margaret PerryTroop 451Tonkawa
?Brenda-Lee HaugTonkawa
?John YantisTroop 123Tonkawa
?Greg AtwellTonkawa
?Toni AtwellTonkawa
A District Award of Merit may only ever be earned in one district. We recognize those members of our district who have earned this honor in another District.