Information from the previous Topsanah and Tonkawa District awards has been merged together here. Please let us know if you see any discrepancies.

Billy Drake Award

This award is given in honor of Billy Drake, who always reminded us to keep Scouts at the top of the pyramid. A nominee must be a registered Scouter within the District who continues to serve in Scouting even though their own children are no longer in the Scouting program, or to someone with no children in the program, who believes in the importance of the Scouting program.

2019Mike HendersonTroop 9168 / Crew 9168
2019Gary UtrupPack 66 / Troop 9168
2019Jeff LightonPack 66 / Troop 9168 / Crew 9168
2018Jeff LightonPack 66 / Troop 9168 / Crew 9168
2018Jeff MackTroop 226
2018Lewis GonzalesTroop 437
2017Becky Ash 
2017Mike HendersonTroop 9168 / Crew 9168
2017Aaron Kipp 
2017Jeff LightonPack 66 / Troop 9168 / Crew 9168
2017John Radle 
2017Marty Robbins 
2016Robert Gershenfeld 
2016Charles Holmes 
2016Jeffrey LightonTroop 9168 / Crew 9168 / Pack 66
2014Aaron KippTroop 45
2014Charley FairallTroop 437 / Pack 437

Sally Brown Memorial

This award was created to recognize the outstanding service “above and beyond” to youth in Scouting by a single parent. This award is named in grateful appreciation for a District Scouter and dear lady who holds the Den Leader’s Training Award, Commissioner’s Arrowhead Honor, Scouter’s Training Award, Scouter’s Key, District Award of Merit, the Koeninger-Nations-Fairall “Extra Mile” Award, and the Silver Beaver. All of these awards document the love she shared with all children. A nominee must be a registered Scout leader within the District and a single parent during the entire time period the nominee gave the distinguished service to youth within the district.

2019Shannon AndersonTroop 451
2018Sharla Rose 
2017Trisha Nelson 
2017Pattie Erpenbach 
2016Pamela Allen 
2014Alisa JolivettePack 284

Fran Stuntz Memorial

This award is given to recognize distinguished service to youth in a Cub Pack “above and beyond” their registered unit position in that Pack. This award is presented in loving memory of a very special woman who was dedicated to Cub Scouting and its members. She touched the hearts of all who were fortunate to know her. A nominee must be a registered unit level Cub Scout leader of the District who by their outstanding contribution to their own Pack has ensured a quality Cub Scout program for the Cub Scouts in their community.

2019Amanda BlocherPack 729
2019Justin LawsonPack 367
2019Melissa TrinhPack 729
2019Phil MackeyPack 729
2019Marjorie KellyPack 729
2019Tiffany IrwinPack 729
2018Tracey MostynPack 133
2018Betsy Jones 
2018Will GiovengoPack 437
2018Adrian FleenorPack 62
2018Chris BlocherPack 729
2018Seth HawkinsPack 729
2018Caroline StephensPack 729
2018Dayna HolmesPack 281
2018Kerri CarbullidoPack 66
2017April Borge 
2017Tabitha Buis 
2017Candice Hall 
2017Bob HammersPack 437
2017Dayna Holmes 
2017Rona Kochenhower 
2017Stephanie Probst 
2017Dovie RatcliffPack 729
2017Caroline StephensPack 729
2016Christopher BlocherPack 729
2016Kimberly Jaegers 
2016Matthew Courtney 
2016Barbara Peninger 
2016Sandra ParkerPack 729
2016David Lance BrooksPack 729
2014Christy BrownPack 133
2014Jairo RodriguezPack 437
2014Renee WebbPack 292

Robert Helm Memorial

Established in 1992, this award is presented for distinguished service within a Scouts BSA Troop given in loving memory of a very special Eagle Scout who served many years in a Scout troop, dedicated to Scouting and its members as well as at the District and Council levels. Bob was dedicated to his God. He always was willing to help Scouting and its members; he was the glue that held his Troop together. He touched and inspired the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to know him. A nominee must be a registered Scout leader within the District.

2019Doug HubbyTroop 114
2018Robbie BrownTroop 114
2018Casey GillespieTroop 437
2018J.P. QuinlanTroop 114
2017Twyla BeckhamTroop 9168
2017Larry FleitmanTroop 437
2017Bryce Linton 
2017Jennifer Luthe 
2017Larry Rose 
2017Jeffrey ThompsonTroop 226
2016Lewis GonzalesTroop 437
2016James Louis Gorman 
2016Ernest LevertTroop 822
2016Larry FleitmanTroop 437
2016James Michael HendersonTroop 9168
2014Jeff HeseltonTroop 45
2014Steven DraperTroop 284

Day Award

This District award recognizes distinguished service “above and beyond” to youth by both a wife and husband This award is presented in grateful recognition of Dorothy and Adrian Day. The Days organized the first Cub Scout Pack in this community, supported the start of the Lewisville High School Band program by financing the purchase of uniforms, and gave distinguished service to youth in and out of Scouting. The nominees (wife and husband) must both be registered Scouters within the District who by their outstanding contribution to their unit(s), and/or District have ensured a quality Scouting program for the unit(s) in their community.

2019Carl and Veronica KelliherPack 729
2019Nathan and Kristin MyresPack 282 / Troop 282
2018Barbara and Jason KitchenTroop 9168
2018Margaret and Andrew RichterTroop 226
2018Jim Murray and Stacie Savage 
2018Ginny and Kevin Mahl 
2017Marcus and Darcie AllenPack 233
2017Chris and Amanda BlocherPack 729
2017Jeremy and Audry Brown 
2017Kevin and Kellie BurkeTroop 9168
2017Samuel and Jannet Fleitman 
2017Wayne and Roberta HaythornTroop 114
2017Mike and Betsy Jones 
2017Brandon and Stephanie Probst 
2017Eric and Dovie RatcliffPack 729
2017Mike and Janet Solosko 
2017Burleigh and Kellie WoodTroop 114
2016Harold and Luane McGaha 
2016Jesse and Mary Adams 
2016Joshua and Candice Hall 
2016Jeffrey and Cindy Thompson 
2014Kelli and Aaron BusbyPack 729
2014Cindy & Jeff ThompsonTroop 226

Bridge Builder

This award is given to recognize the outstanding service to youth in a Scout unit by a registered Committee member or other “behind-the-scenes” leader who builds bridges to ease the path for a child to follow. A nominee must be a registered Scout leader within the District.

2019Jay EnglishTroop 437
2019Jonathan TravisTroop 9168
2019Jarrid RollinsTroop 9168
2019Jennifer MarvelPack 66
2019Shannon AndersonPack 66
2019Charles MasseyPack 367
2019Samantha LawsonPack 367
2019Burleigh WoodTroop 114
2018David MeyerTroop 226
2018Jennifer Luthe 
2018Kellie WoodTroop 114
2018Scott ChistensenTroop 284
2018Brittany ElmerPack 284
2018Nathan MyresTroop 282
2018Kristen BourlandPack 729
2018Frederick EvansTroop 822
2017Jerone AkinsPack 822
2017Chris BlocherPack 729
2017Robbie Brown 
2017Al ClarkeTroop 9168
2017Seth HawkinsPack 729
2017Elmer McKeeganTroop 437
2017Amanda Miller 
2017Jerry RamosPack 729
2017Eric RatcliffPack 729
2017Rudy SewardTroop 9168
2017Imani Dowell-SimmonsPack 729
2017Eadie Skelton 
2017Scott SmithTroop 9168
2017Kellie WoodTroop 114
2016Randy HavelkaPack 729
2016Tanita Meyers 
2016Amber GollaherTroop 9168 / Crew 9168
2016Twyla BeckhamTroop 9168 / Crew 9168
2016Michael Labedis 
2016Peter Rabner 
2016Christopher BlocherPack 729
2016Jason KitchenTroop 9168
2016Rudolph KammanTroop 226
2016Harold McIntyre 
2016Robert HammersPack 437
2014Renee WebbPack 292
2014Catherine OlsenPack 284
2014Scott GarciaTroop 45
2014Jeff HeseltonTroop 45
2014Scott SeverenTroop 45
2014Kelli BusbyPack 729
2014April BorgeDistrict
2014Kari TwitchellPack 292
2014Tracie BrownPack 133

Bryant S. Hinckley

This award is given to recognize distinguished service by a registered Scouter of the District whose efforts have benefited a large number of Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Venture Scouts over time. It is names for Bryant S. Hinckley, an early pioneer of the American West, who said: “Service is the virtue that distinguished the great of all times and which they will be remembered by.” A nominee must be a registered Scout leader within the District.

2019Bob HammersTroop 437
2019Nathan MyersPack 282 / Troop 282
2019Bill LeitnerTroop 114
2019Les MurrayTroop 281
2019Kasey MumbroPack 367
2018Marty RobbinsTroop 282
2018Burleigh WoodTroop 114
2018Marty Rice 
2018Robert HammersTroop 437
2018Shannon AndersonTroop 451
2018Pete Rabner 
2018Ernest LevertTroop 822
2018Lewis GonzalesTroop 437
2017Gary Clews 
2017Alex Dahl 
2017Joe Macy 
2017Kip Twitchell 
2016Nicolas Van Patten 
2016Daren Perkins 
2014Brenda-Lee HaugTroop 284

Duty to God

This award is given to recognize service by a Scouter who exemplifies and promotes Duty to God among Scouts and Scouters. A nominee must be a registered Scout leader within the District.

2017J.P. QuinlanTroop 114
2017Chad StoltzPack 729
2016Lloyd Young 
2016Albert Luttrell 
2016Michael Olsen 
2014Emran PrattTroop 292

Keoninger-Nations-Fairall “Extra Mile”

This award is presented to a holder of the District Award of Merit for continued distinguished service to Scouting. This memorial award is given in honor of Frank Koeninger, Tommy Nations, and Charlie Fairall; three Scouters who lived each day of their lives by the Scout Oath and Law humbly bringing service, comfort, and love to people of their community. They made “service” their watchword, “love they fellow men” their motto, and the ideals of Scouting a way of life. A nominee must be a registered Scout leader within the District and holder of the District Award of Merit who continues to give distinguished service to youth in the area.

2019Cindy ThompsonTroop 9168
2019Bill GoughTroop 281
2018Scott MoffittTroop 437
2018Jason KitchenTroop 9168
2018Jeff ThompsonTroop 9168
2017John CuccaroTroop 437
2017Charles FairallTroop 437 / Crew 437 / Pack 437
2017Brenda-Lee Haug 
2017Wayne HaythonTroop 114
2017John PinchotTroop 1001
2017Cindy ThompsonTroop 9168
2016Cindy ThompsonTroop 9168
2016Aaron Kipp 
2014John CuccaroTroop 437

District Award of Merit

This award is presented to Scout leaders active in the District who have given distinguished service to youth in and out of Scouting. This is the highest award given to Scouters at the District level. The Award of Merit is a council award presented by districts in the same manner as the Silver Beaver, a national award presented by councils. The award is available to Scout Leaders who render service of an outstanding nature at the District level. A nominee must be a registered Scout leader within the District that renders service of an outstanding nature at the District level.

2019Lewis Gonzales, Jr.Troop 437Tonkawa
2019Michael OlsenTroop 282Tonkawa
2019Joe MacyTroop 281Tonkawa
2019Bryan CorserTroop 1171Tonkawa
2019Bruce WhiteTroop 265Tonkawa
2018April BorgePack 62Tonkawa
2018Larry FleitmanTroop 437Tonkawa
2018Rudy KammanTroop 226Tonkawa
2017Jeff ThompsonTroop 9168Tonkawa
2017Sam Fleitman Tonkawa
2017Jason KitchenTroop 9168Tonkawa
2016Scott MoffittTroop 437Tonkawa
2016Marty Rice Tonkawa
2016Wayne HaythornTroop 114Tonkawa
2015Cindy ThompsonTroop 226Tonkawa
2014John PinchotTroop 1001Tonkawa
2014Greg Crow Tonkawa
2014Bill GoughTroop 281Tonkawa
2013 John CuccaroTroop 437Tonkawa
2013Aaron Kipp Tonkawa
2009Pete Leonard Tonkawa
2009Sam Washburn Tonkawa
2009Aaron Graham Tonkawa
2008Mary Beth Pinkerton Tonkawa
2008Gary Ridding Tonkawa
2008Gary UtrupTroop 9168Tonkawa
2007Jan Paulson Tonkawa
2007Joe Taylor Tonkawa
2007Jeremy Stephens Tonkawa
2007Mike Olsen Tonkawa
2006Ben Stahman Tonkawa
2006Mark Brewner Tonkawa
2006Nancy Barnes Tonkawa
2005Deborah Hamilton Tonkawa
2004Eric Foster Tonkawa
2003Joe Woodwell Tonkawa
2003Rusty Cagel Tonkawa
2000David Adams Tonkawa
?Bruce Webb Tonkawa
Elizabeth Stepp 
Charlie FairallPack 437 / Troop 437 / Crew 437
Sam Rathburn 
Margaret PerryTroop 451 Tonkawa
Brenda-Lee Haug 
Fran Zaccaria 
John YantisTroop 123
Greg Atwell Topsanah
Toni Atwell Topsanah

Note: Awards presented prior to 2004 were before Tonkawa split into two districts. Topsanah and Tonkawa Districts merged into Orion after the 2020 Awards Banquets.