This award recognizes a registered adult scouter in the Orion District serving in a unit or district capacity that exhibits outstanding service to youth in Scouting through a commitment to Scouting’s ideals and program. Who has selflessly given of their time, energy, and resources to help provide the youth in their unit and district with the best scouting program possible (consider the quiet, behind the scenes Scouter). Basic leadership training preferred. Nominated by Unit. Only one awarded to each unit.


Brian MoshierPack 1
William LeitnerPack 66
Jim MalonePack 133
Katie RudolphPack 163
Lorraine LautPack 226
Ben GratonicPack 233
Tony DrewPack 256
Josh GattisPack 280
Melisa FriesPack 281
Lisa PiercePack 294
Jay CannonPack 295
Jeremy LangePack 367
Evan TrickettPack 392
Rusell EdenPack 729
Kristi BrinkerhoffPack 1163
Jack “Tres” GreggPack 1171
Cody PiercePack 1225
Mark PennyPack 3040
Katherine CiuraTroop 2G
Justin LawsonTroop 45B
Samantha LawsonTroop 45G
Angie QuinlanTroop 114B
Beth ReasorTroop 123B
Lyle GrissoTroop 226B
Margaret RichterTroop 226G
Paul HergertTroop 262B
Casey JohnstonTroop 265B
Desiree VickTroop 280B
Tracey MoystnTroop 281B
Stacie SavageTroop 285B
Mark StewartTroop 285G
Terry CreleyTroop 298B
Rob ClairTroop 437B
Steve KralTroop 451B
Shari SmithTroop 709B
Ernest LevertTroop 822B
Steven LeonTroop 1171B
Tim PertuitTroop 1225B
Ron MillerTroop 9168B
Nedra BunkTroop 9168G
Roberta HaythornCrew 114
Kevin HollensheadCrew 451
Bryan JarvisCrew 9168
Charles TaylorShip 1225
Bruce WhiteOrion District