Please note that this process is currently under review.

  1. Scout, Scoutmaster, and Committee Chair work to complete Eagle Application
  2. Send Eagle Application to along with:
    • Individual Troop History
    • Project Proposal Page H
    • Project Report Form B
    • Project Report Form C
    • Signature page from Scout Handbook
  3. Longhorn Council sends certified Eagle application to Orion Advancements with invitation to conduct Board
  4. Orion Advancements sends invitation for recommendation letters
  5. Orion Advancements assigns Eagle Board of Review to Orion Eagle Committee for completion
  6. Orion Eagle Committee member coordinates with Scout, Scoutmaster, and Committee Chair (or designee) a virtual or in-person Board of Review. Troop schedules time and location at least 3 weeks after application received and includes 2-3 active committee members.
  7. Orion Eagle Committee chairs Board of Review using standard format
  8. Signed Application transmitted to Orion Advancements
  9. Orion Advancements sends signed application to Longhorn Council
  10. Longhorn Council approves
  11. National Boy Scouts of America processes application (2-3 months)
  12. National Boy Scouts of America notifies Longhorn Council
  13. Longhorn Council notifies Scout and Scoutmaster
  14. Eagle Scout picks up certificate
  15. Eagle Scout holds Court of Honor